H2 vs FD2: Battle of the Box Office Finale

So surprise, surprise, the winner of this weekend’s box office is The Final Destination at #1 and H2 at #3.
I did get a chance to see H2 yesterday morning and well, I didn’t hate it but as expected it wasn’t great or anything special. I feel as though this movie really had no point in being made, but then again, I could say the same thing about The Final Destination.
I truly believe you can make any 3-D movie about people getting killed and hell yeah it’s going to be the #1 movie that weekend but it doesn’t quite mean it’s deserving. (Inglourious Basterds at #2 should have remained at 1 since it was so damn great!) But anyway, now on to H2.
I feel as though a lot of what was going on especially with scene with little Michael completely contradicted a lot of the little Michael in Zombie’s first Halloween. It didn’t fit for me. It was heartbreaking that the Loomis we all knew and loved in the original films has now been portrayed as a money-hunger asshole. And finally, the ghost mom stuff, it was really, really terrible. I understand forms of symbolize but there are so many subtle was to do it without coming off ridiculous and absurd.
I think Michael’s character was trying to be explained a bit more but it was just all garbage thrown together and lacking a sense of balance. All we really know is, Michael wants to kill his sister, we don’t really quite know why based on the original films but Zombie’s somewhat explanation didn’t really help. I’d rather never know then to accept what was given to me in that movie.
I can’t say to not see this for the reason for anyone that wants a mindless fun slasher flick, cool go see this, watch people get killed, rock on. I killed a morning seeing this and I don’t regret it but I didn’t get anything out it.
I’m hoping that Rob Zombie’s takes the hint and doesn’t continue on with anymore Halloween movies. There is news on the possibility of a Halloween 3….D. Yeah. I won’t explore that any further till I hear more. Also, word on the street is, he’s up to doing the next The Blob remake. *Sigh* I haven’t seen all of the original, I love the 80’s verison, I really don’t want to see a hick, red-neck, bum-fuck, hillbilly verison but fuck, well shall see where he goes with that.

4 thoughts on “H2 vs FD2: Battle of the Box Office Finale

  1. I'm kind of tired of talking and reading about these two films (not in relation to your review – I mean elsewhere) but I will say in the defense of H2 that it is actually the box office winner of the weekend. With a budget of $40 million (minus advertising) Final Destination would have to gross at least $70 million before it can start to be considered a moderate hit. H2 only cost $15 million and grossed $17 million in its opening weekend. Already it's made back it's budget. So if makes it to $35 million before video then it will be a hit and a moneymaker. Opinions on the movies themselves can be left to the viewer but the bottom line is what the studios are looking at which makes H2 the winner in all of this. Unless FD manages to rake in a ton more cash. But I think both films will be gone from theatres by the end of the month. Just my two cents.

  2. I wasn't basing anything on budget comparison, just box office numbers 1-5. FD4 was 1 hence to me, it “beat” H2. And for more comparison, I did enjoy FD4 more than H2, but that's like winning first and third place in the Special Olympics. Both are still retarded regardless. Both movies were not good, in my humble opinion, but one was more enjoyable than the other. So yeah.

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