The Final Destination/FD4

Last night I went to see The Final Destination or FD4.
As expected for a 3-D movie where people are gruesomely killed, it was damn entertaining.
When I first mentioned this movie, I stated that I didn’t care about the characters or the plot, I just wanted to see people die in awesomely creative ways. Well, I was wrong about that. What this movie lacked much of was heart. The other films in the series had a lot of heart. The first film stuck to a serious tone, when each person died it was a horrible vicious death that almost seemed like it would have been better if they died on the plane. The second film was more light-hearted. It almost tried to have a serious tone in the beginning then half way through said “fuck it!” and made it all about the elaborate deaths and gore. The third film, possibly my favorite of the series, gave you a plot you can invest in and funny and extremely gory deaths. I loved it.
The FINAL film was a melting pot of characters I didn’t even care or remember what their names were, a story that served as only a structure to have these death scenes in and nothing more to add. I take for granted the process of foreplay. I need my oven warmed up and then it’s go time. The movie starts and bam, shit starts happening within 10 minutes. I needed more. I felt like everything that happened with these characters were forced and I couldn’t relate to anyone. I wasn’t as connected as I would have liked. It almost seemed more catered to the idea of being 3-D then anything else.
My favorite part of the series is the initial vision segment. I remember watching the first film and holding my breath during the plane scene then gasping the second it was over, right along with the main character. That was really intense and I love feeling that. FD4’s initial scene had too much going on that I couldn’t follow it. I got to the point of just enjoying the kills and not actually thinking “Oh my god what if this happened to me my next plane/car/roller coaster ride.”
Overall I did enjoy the movie. The movie is worth seeing (in 3-D) and it’s has a lot comical moments. Also I have to this movie a lot of credit for making very subtle homages to the other series. It definitely reached out to all the fans of the series and it was a very special touch. I appreciated that and found myself grinning a lot during them. Bonus points!
Tomorrow I plan on seeing H2 and I will give my synopsis on what is the better film of the weekend.

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