Sorority Row clip

Sorority Row, a remake of The House on Sorority Row hits theaters Sept 11th but thanks to MTV for once again abandoning the mere thought of playing any music video and giving us this opening clip of Sorority Row.

I thought the original was a classic and I see this remake as a mindless fun slasher flick. The story is a lot different from the original, instead of the girls accidentally killing their house-mother, they kill their sorority sister. Anyone that watches The Hills will get a thrilled out of seeing Audrina Patridge die. For the guys, you get to see a bunch of hot chicks running around in lingerie.

I know who the killer is in the original and that can’t play out the same in this film so I’ll enjoy the watching endless false indications throughout the whole movie only to find out that someone totally lame is the killer. I love that kind of shit.

I’m not expecting this movie to be stellar but it looks like a lot of fun with stupid chicks getting killed. Awesome. The only think I can hope for is that the killer is a real person and it doesn’t end up being a “prank” for the ending. Here’s hoping.

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