District 9 Review

Last night I went to see District 9. And just in case you don’t know-

Aliens become refugees in South Africa where they are kept isolated from any human contact. While being contained in the refuge being ignored of their welfare, their weapons become the sole interest of Multi-National United (MNU). But only one man , Wikus van der Merwe, can activate these weapons. He becomes hunted for and only one place can give him refuge, District 9.

I’ve been excited about this movie for months and I proudly stood in line for an hour, waiting to get into the theater. The crowd that came out of the theater had either smiles or confused looks on their faces. I didn’t know what to take from that but I was still convinced that I would love this movie and thankfully I did.

It’s hard for me to put into words what the movie was like for me. For one, I have never been interested in anything political and this movie takes on a strong political view as far as “human/alien” rights are concerned. It’s very sickening to see how the aliens are treated and the audience can’t help but feel for them and in a way, humanize with them.

This isn’t the type of movie you’d go to sit back, stare at the screen, and expect mindless entertainment to explode all over the screen for two hours. You’re forced to react to everything that happens whether you sit there thinking “What if this really happened? or “Oh shit! That’s fucked up!”

I can understand why some people would come out confused. This isn’t Transformers or Independence Day. You’re not going to walk out the theater feeling like you’ve seen a complete movie. There is so much more to the story that could go on but you still get to see the heart of everything and I feel there’s no reason to leave the theater unsatisfied by anything.

So I would highly recommend for anyone to see this.

3 thoughts on “District 9 Review

  1. I feel this movie wrongly stereotypes those with troubles with math. The fools who made this movie and the so called fans should be ashamed. I cannot even begin to show my true anger at this movie in this little box. My anger is so big that I would need one of those big post office boxes that can ship many things for one low price.

  2. Well I guess since I like math, that's probably the real reason why I enjoyed the movie so much.

    And if only I knew how to make this box bigger for you, I'd make that shit happen. Why pay postal fees!? I mean, the price is a number and you have to deduct that from the money you have and there's the subtracting and so on.

    Whatever you do, don't see 500 Days of Summer. Great movie but frickin' numbers everywhere.

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