Orphan: That’s the Twist?!

This weekend I went to see Orphan.
First I have to say that all the controversy surrounding the movie is not only an overreaction but it’s pretty unnecessary once the “twist” is revealed.
I won’t say what the twist is but I will say that I found it to be quite hilarious. When I first saw the trailer I suspected there was something weird going on with that collar she wore around her neck and knew that would come into play more than the possibility of her being a “cutter.” That doesn’t directly have to do with the twist but I still found it strange and was a little annoyed that no one questioned why she had it and wrist bands on and no one but kids at school thought it was weird. Moving on.
So the twist… before going into the movie I thought about some possible things and some far-fetched possible things. During the movie a slight idea came to mind when certain things are revealed but then the twist came. Hmmm. It was the far-fetched possible thing that I thought of. I can’t say that it’s bad but I just kind of found it to be ridiculously funny.
Overall I thought the movie was really entertaining. This chick is pretty hardcore and violent. Some very minuscule parts of her reminded me of Joshua and The Crush.
The movie didn’t seem to do well at the box office this weekend but I was expecting that. I don’t want to say that this is the best movie and everyone should see it, but I was completely entertained from beginning, twist and end so I think based on that if you’re in the mood for a creepy but fun movie, go see this.

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