Over the weekend I had the great pleasure to experience DeadGirl, a compelling yet disturbing film.

The film is about two high school misfits, Rickie and J.T., finding the body of a girl in an abandoned asylum. When they discover that she’s not quite dead, Rickie wants to report their finding to the police but J.T. wants to keep her for his own advantages. You can imagine what goes on from there.

As I’ve mentioned before while discussing other films, I love when characters are faced with a moral obligation and the choices they go through to either do the right thing or break away to indulge in forbidden territory.

J.T. comprehends that his actions are sick and twisted but he feels that if Rickie or anyone joins him, then it somehow makes it less inhumane. Rickie doesn’t want to participate but he still stands by J.T. And as much as Rickie and J.T. don’t agree on what’s best for the girl, they still hold a common bond.

J.T. is obsessed with the girl, he wants her to look a certain way and he feels as though she only exists for him. Rickie is obsessed with a classmate he used to be friends with when they were younger. She has a boyfriend and wants nothing to do with Rickie but he still endlessly pines for her. Rickie doesn’t know it till the end of the film, but he reaches a moment where he can understand J.T. on a level he isn’t prepared for.

I found some scenes to be weirdly funny and awkward but that aside I thought it was a great “coming-of-age” type of movie that has you wondering what would you do if put in that situation.

Deadgirl has been touring cities in the US and will be released on dvd Sept 15th.

5 thoughts on “DeadGirl

  1. I liked it too. Though it sounded like I liked it the most when we saw it. lol

    I like those decisions in movies too. Definitely adds to the characters and the whole,”what would I do?” scenario. Also the whole idea of young male hormones which at the high school age are raging. Still not sure I would do what they did though.

  2. You always think you like things more than I do. I just hide it well and express it better here than in words so YEAH!

    Because I'm not a dude, I can't say that I can relate to ragin' hormones that lead me to do unsavory things, so to speak. But to each their own I guess.

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