Let Me In Posters and Audition Tapes

Today I was excited to see the three teaser posters for Let Me In surfacing the net.

My personal favorite is the last one.

The film is currently going through the casting process. Oskar and Eli’s names have been changed to Owen and Abby.

Below are audition tapes from DreadCentral.com for Ariel Winter, Mary Mouser, and Chloe Moretz, all going for the role of Abby.

It’s rumored that Moretz got the part but nothing has been officially announced. At this point I’m not sure which one I’d go for based on these tapes. I can’t quite feel them in the role but things can change once they are on screen. We’ll see.

8 thoughts on “Let Me In Posters and Audition Tapes

  1. Thanks for fixing the video. 🙂

    Having gone through the casting process I can say that you can't judge casting tapes on what you'll see in the final film. Different people cast differently. I can always “help” an actor to act or to find a moment or to do a look. I look for actors that have an essence of the character in them already. That's something you can't fake no matter how good an actor they are. If I were casting this movie and I saw these tapes I would go with the brown haired girl. The last one they showed. She has a broken silence about her that I feel is more in line with the character. She almost gives off this feeling of pain. Like she's been through a lot. The other two didn't have that. If the rumor is true then I'm not crazy about the one they picked. She's not a bad actress. She doesn't have the quality I think is needed for the character. In my opinion.

  2. Hum, I don't know how I feel about this. There are parts of the book I would have loved to see in the original movie–so let's see if the remake adds them in.

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