Operation Movie Watch

As a girl I love to shop but unlike most girls, it isn’t for clothes or shoes, it’s for dvds. For the most part, the stuff I buy is not what I seek out. I buy movies at conventions and whenever I go to a store and see dvds on sale, I’ll walk out with a few. I wouldn’t say that I’m an addict but I do have a thing for buying movies, throwing them into a pile and forgetting about them.

Above is a picture of dvds I own and have not watched. In all fairness I have tried to watch a few of these but between having a short attention span and having a low tolerate for pain, I went on to do or watch other things.
Its summer time, my shows are not on and I have a lot of free time to watch movies, only I haven’t been so much so I’m going to force myself to watch these before Fall. I’m going to make an effort to balance being tired from work, being lazy, my Netflix subscription and tackling the list below. Keep in mind; I occasionally like to watch bad movies. They make me feel good about myself and I’m easily amused so I always get a good laugh. Also some of these I really should have watched years ago but I just haven’t. Some I bought when Netflix sold dvds for cheap, some were given to me and others were blind impulse “on sale” buys.

  1. Sukiyaki Western Django
  2. Are You Scared?
  3. BTK Killer
  4. ID
  5. Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield
  6. Death Note
  7. Death Note: The Last Name
  8. Dead Pit
  9. Demented Death Farm Massacre (Toxie’s Top 10 The Collector’s Set)
  10. Video Demons Do Psycho Town (Toxie’s Top 10 The Collector’s Set)
  11. Stuff Stephanie in the Incinerator (Toxie’s Top 10 The Collector’s Set)
  12. Space Zombie Bingo (Toxie’s Top 10 The Collector’s Set)
  13. The Newlydeads (Toxie’s Top 10 The Collector’s Set)
  14. Fertilize the Blaspheming Bombshells (Toxie’s Top 10 The Collector’s Set)
  15. Deadly Daphne’s Revenge (Toxie’s Top 10 The Collector’s Set)
  16. Croaked: Frog Monsters from Hell (Toxie’s Top 10 The Collector’s Set)
  17. Curse of the Cannibal Confederacy (Toxie’s Top 10 The Collector’s Set)
  18. Lemora- A Child’s Tale of the Supernatural
  19. Rampage
  20. Hellbent
  21. Horrors of Malformed Men
  22. Pretty Maids all in a Row
  23. Grindhouse Double Feature: The Teacher and Pick Up
  24. The Complete Toxic Avenger Box Set 7 Dics (I know I’ve seen the first one a million times, but the rest I have no memory of so I’m going to watch them all)
  25. Eyes of a Stranger (Twisted Terror Collection)
  26. From Beyond the Grave (Twisted Terror Collection)
  27. The Hand (Twisted Terror Collection)
  28. Someone’s Watching Me (Twisted Terror Collection)
  29. Dead Man’s Hand
  30. Darkness Surrounds Roberta
  31. The Dead Next Door
  32. Don’t Answer the Phone
  33. Day of the Dead 2: The Contagium
  34. When Puppets and Dolls Attack! (giveaway prize)
  35. When Monsters Attack! (giveaway prize)
  36. Antibodies
  37. Don’t Look Now
  38. Lighthouse
  39. Stacy
  40. Street Trash
  41. Tourist Trap
  42. Flower and Snake
  43. Prayer Beads
  44. Dead Set (tv show)
  45. Firefly (tv show) I’ve seen a few eps but not the complete series
  46. Exposed
  47. Dangerous Worry Dolls
  48. Murder Set Pieces
So there, over 50 dvds need to be watched in the next two months or so. Can I pull it off? Let’s see when I kick off Operation Movie Watch this week. I figure if I watch at least 3 a week maybe I can sit back, look at my stack and say “Yeah, I’ve watched all of you! Take that!” Then I can go back to my habit of buying more movies and starting a new stack.

Stay Tuned.

16 thoughts on “Operation Movie Watch

  1. Sukiyaki Western Django
    Death Note
    Day of the Dead 2: The Contagium
    Murder Set Pieces

    I'd watch those with you if you wanted to wait until I was there.

  2. Sukiyaki Western Django, I want to see. The two Death Note movies are awesome. Antibodies, Stacy, and Street Trash are good times as well.

    Sukiyaki Western Django
    Death Note
    Death Note: The Last Name
    Street Trash

  3. It because of moments like this that I own Anatomy. I bought it like 3 or 4 years ago and still haven't seen it. It was 5 bucks and German so I said deal and thus it sits there. So I praise your quest.

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