On September 4th, the movie Carriers will be hitting theaters.

“Four friends fleeting a viral pandemic learn that they are more dangerous than any virus.”

Hmmm. The thing I love about “end of the world” type of movies is not what’s going on outside with the world crashing down around us but how we deal with that. When friendships are tested and our true selves come out, that’s where the real horror lies.

Movies like The Mist and Cabin Fever show how quickly people can turn on one another in stressful, panic-stricken situations. The movies become more than just monsters outside a store or a flesh-eating virus; it’s about normal people abandoning their human side and turning into the monster.

I consider myself a good friend but how would I really know that when my survival needs kick in and it’s everyone for themselves. Could I ditch a friend or loved one on the side of a road just to save my own ass or would I struggle to do what I could for them even though I know they are probably doomed? I would like to think I’d do the right thing but who really knows.

I’m expecting Carriers to let my mind wonder and delve on how I would handle everything if I were put in that same situation. Again, I love those type of thought-provoking, “We are so fucked” kind of movies.

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