Happy Mother’s Day Horror Movies

I’m a day late but I still wanted to make a list of Mother’s Day movies. A lot of these movies reflect the bonds between a mother and her child(ren) and I really love how such a strong connection can bring out the worse in people. So here’s the list: 

Mother’s Day

Ok, so I kind of have not seen this movie yet. Yes, I have failed as a horror fan making a list about motherly horror movies but, the title is “Mother’s Day” and it’s a horror movie so it needed to be on the list! I’ve added it to my Netflix queue just so I can sleep better at night. I can’t comment so here’s the trailer. 

Psycho IV: The Beginning

 Norman Bates is the poster boy for matricide. We know the story, Norman kills his mom then becomes so consumed with guilt and because he’s kinda crazy, he dresses up and kills as his mother. I picked this one out of the whole series because Norman flashes back on his childhood and what it was like to be raised by a crazy bitch. Even though she was overbearing and completely schizo, he really loved her and understood her better than anyone. He felt he had to honor all of her demands even after her death. A boy best friend is truly his mother. 


So these shape shifting creatures known as “Sleepwalkers” feed off virgins. The son has to go fetch a virgin, steal the life out of her and then feed it to his mom. As much as it’s ick because the mother and son sex each other up, I think this is a great example of a strong mother and son bond…again with the icky sex aside. Their relationship is based on survival. She literally can’t live without him and his love for her is so strong that even though she has to rely on only him to survive, in his own way, he can’t survive without her either. 

Ginger Snaps

 The mother/daughters relationship in this movie is so subtle but I think it plays a major role throughout the entire movie. Ginger, a death-obsessed chick gets bitten by a werewolf then slowly turns into one while dealing with puberty.

So Mimi Rogers plays the mother, she’s one of those moms that don’t want to be a mom, she wants to be your bff. She wants to celebrate you getting your period, she’ll look the other way if you’ve done something wrong and she’ll drop you off a block away from the mall so no one sees you riding around with her. She’s hip. I don’t want to give much away to anyone who has not seen it plus I’m unsure of the circulating versions of this movie but the first time I’ve seen this, it ended with the girls’ mother wanting to start a new life with them away from all the shit that went down. Also, looking at the “alternate versions” on IMBD, the mother’s motherly character is brought out a lot more. It always made me wonder if my mom would be that cool if I were a wolf that killed people. Probably not, she doesn’t like dogs in the house. 

The Uninvited

I recently watched this and thought that there was some focus on Elizabeth Banks’ character attempt to be motherly. This was based on a great movie called A Tale of Two Sisters but with that film, it was completely about the close, loving relationship between the two sisters and it went through them dealing with a mean stepmother. With the Uninvitied, Elizabeth Banks’ character is really only dealing with one of the sisters and she has an overpowering, almost needy desire to be a mother figure. It’s unknown till the end if her intentions are good or bad but still her there is no doubt her heart is trying to be in the right place. 

Rosemary’s Baby

I wasn’t sure if I should list this because, well in the end she didn’t feel so motherly when she found out it was the child of the devil! Dun dun dunnnn. But still I decided to mention it because at first she did want to do everything to protect her unborn child.  

Baby Blood

A parasite creature impregnates a lady then demands to be feed blood. The lady is overtaken by her love for this “child” and kills anyone just so she can feed it. This movie really got me more excited to see Grace. Again, as I mentioned with Grace, I’m enticed by how strong a mother’s love can be that murder isn’t a moral consideration if it’s to help your child live. 


This is still one of the most crazy ass movies I have ever seen. An unbalanced lady attacks a pregnant lady in an attempt to scoop out her baby and claim it as her own. Violence and sugary gore aside, the crazy lady’s forceful desire to get that child is pretty intense. She wants to be a mother so much that she never stop fighting to try and gut that child out of the poor, helpless victim. I don’t want to say that I side with the crazy lady but taking a step back from everything and looking at her point of view, that’s pure love that she has for that child. 

And the best for last: Serial Mom

My favorite, wholesome, psychotic mother of them all! If I told my mom that some guy stood me up, she’d just tell me that he was an asshole and that I shouldn’t give a shit about it. She wouldn’t track him down, follow him to the bathroom and stab him with with a fire poker! That would totally rule if she did though. Beverly Sutphin is a apple pie kind of mom, but get her mad and and you’ll die a brutally painful death! I know that Beverly doesn’t really fully kill because of her love for her kids, she loves them very much and will clearly do anything for them but she loves killing people too. I had to pick this one because not only does she kill for her kids but for such mundane reasons, you gotta love it. 

Ok that’s all I got tonight. Feel free to suggest others cause I know I left some out. To any mothers reading this, happy late Mother’s day! 

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