Why can’t you be real?

This next post comes from something I saw on my friend’s blog Wolf Gnards, (please feel free to argue if it should be “gnards” or “nards” here or there) 

When Grindhouse came out, they featured a bunch of fake trailers that I wish would come out as feature films. I know that sometimes trailers are so damn great, it’s hard for the movies themselves to live up to them. I guess in this case it’s good that fake trailers hold all that glory but then again, I want it to be a real movie damn it! I saw this faux trailer on my friend’s blog and  I wish it were real! 
I need to campaign to get this made. 

4 thoughts on “Why can’t you be real?

  1. I’m sure Christopher Lloyd could use the work.

    As to the the Great Gnards Debate, Gnards with a “G” is for testicles, while Nards is a proper name. A man is Nard, a man has gnards.

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