Freddy vs Jason….Jason’s afraid of water?

I will admit that I’m a Freddy girl. The Nightmare on Elm St. movies always appealed to me more but this is all about Jason so I’ll focus on that. When two icons come together to fight, I’m there! 

There’s only one thing you really want to see in this movie and that’s the major final fight. It is hard to ignore that Freddy and Jason had to have “weakness” to even the playing field. Well, Freddy’s weakness is fire because he was killed by fire and Jason well duh, he drowned so his weakness must be water! Whenever he see water, he turns into a little bitch! Er wait a minute….he’s fuckin‘ Aqua Man! 

The movie was made to be fun so sucking up all the plot holes is a major requirement. I really wanted this movie end with a “winner” but I settled with the draw because we all know that Freddy will never die and Jason will never die. So overall, yeah I’m annoyed that it doesn’t make sense but I like what was done with it and a got a boner during the fight since so thumbs up! 

3 thoughts on “Freddy vs Jason….Jason’s afraid of water?

  1. I still remember the energy of the theatre when I saw this for the first time. It was something special. And it wasn’t just me. I talked to people all over the country that had the same type of reaction. It was so much fun.On repeated viewings it does lose a lot. In fact, I probably like it a little less every time but nothing will take away that great feeling in the theatre.

  2. I watched this movie on a screener dvd… which means it would randomly go black and white for a little while and then return back to color after a few minutes. They seemed to always go black and white during the blood and gore scenes. Like right when they took off Jason's mask, it went B&W.I really enjoyed the movie.. it was very funny. I remember cracking up when Freddy was tossing Jason around like a pinball.

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