Dvd Tuesday: Feb 10th

My recommendations for today’s dvds releases are:

Tales from the Darkside: Season 1 
This show was a huge part of my life. It really shaped my love for horror. I remember spending my Saturday nights staying up watching this followed by Monsters. I never thought this would ever get an official dvd release. A few years ago I bought the complete series on dvd bootleg at a convention and I cherished it. Now I plan on getting this and all the other season to follow and I will love and cherish those the same. It’s been about 20 years since I’ve first watched this series and the theme music still gives me the wiggins
Dare I make a post this week that doesn’t somehow mention Friday the 13th? Of course not, another tv series released today is Friday the 13th: The Series The Second Season
This is another one I watched when I was young. I think it was Sunday nights though. Again like Friday the 13th: A New Beginning, it has nothing to do with Jason but that doesn’t matter because this show was awesome. I got this complete series on bootleg too but I’m still picking up the seasons as it’s released. 
My Name is Bruce
I love….love Bruce Campbell so how can I not love a movie where he pokes fun of himself. This movie is a definite for Bruce fans. It’s a fun movie with some great cameos. 

Includes Collectible 24-page My Name is Bruce comic book
Special Features:
– Feature-length commentary with Bruce Campbell and producer Mike Richardson
– Documentary: Heart of Dorkness The Making of My Name is Bruce
Featurettes: Bruce On…, Beyond Inside the Cave: The Making of Cave Alien 2, Kif’s Korner, Awkward Moments with Kif, Love Birds, Hard Truth News from Hollywood The Real Bruce Campbell 
-Cave Alien 2 Trailer, My Name is Bruce Trailer
– Poster Art Gallery, Props Art Gallery, Photo Gallery. 
Happy Spending/Renting

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