Friday Kills

As I anticipate the moment when my His Name Was Jason dvd comes in the mail ( Damn you Deep Discount);I wanted to look back on the Friday the 13th film series. 

I’m going to manage to watch all Friday films before I get the pleasure of seeing the remake but till then I wanted to watch this clip. Watching all of the kills together just intensifies my hard-on for what kind of awesome, bloody mess the remake has in store for the audience.
It’s old but it’s still entertaining and if you haven’t seen it before, enjoy! And to all that have seen it, enjoy it again. 

*Note* 88, 159 and 160 are my favorite

5 thoughts on “Friday Kills

  1. They should redo that video with more recent dvds. The video quality isn’t very good, especially on the earlier movies. You got a thing for sleeping bag deaths?

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